Build a Bullet-proof Media Operation Inside Your Company... WITHOUT Hiring an Agency or Copywriters!
Upon completing this 6-week course, you'll understand the tactics used in PR strategy, how to give top-tier journalist what they want, and why building an in-house team is key to exploding brand visibility. 
Here's A Little of What You'll Learn to Do...
  • define your media goals
  • learn the style, and tone of media writing
  • build narrative through media coverage
  • fine tune your proofreading and grammar
  • pitch to top-tier journalists
  • merge SEO and PR for optimal coverage
  • apply various models of communication
  • understand marketing automation 
  • incorporate media outreach strategy
  • institute best practices for in-house teams 

Who Joins Writing for PR & Social Media...
  • CEOs
  • COOs 
  • PR Managers
  • Solopreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Sales professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • Content Writers
  • Marketing Teams
  • Product Managers

Writing for PR & Social Media
$997 Now Only $498
I used to hold myself back in my business because, on some level, I was afraid of success

I was a New York-educated academic-turned-fledgling copywriter who had achieved a modicum of success.

But, after doing this for a couple of years, I realized that...
  • it doesn't pay the bills.
  • no one cares as much I thin they do
  • I define when and how I show up

You see, when I FINALLY started letting go of my fear of success, I started making real, lasting connections with editors and publishers. Turns out, it is possible to build healthy, respectful relationships in the media business. Who knew?

Eventually, I became a Contributing Writer for some of America's premiere luxury publications.

Over time, I curated a portfolio of online, print, and digital feature content, collaborated with luxury brands, learned to write for different content types,  networked with digital publisher and PR pros, and... created my own brand.

And now, I want to show you HOW YOU CAN bring PR and journalism together to grow your business...

My Story... 
My name is Dellvin Roshon Williams; I'm the Founder of DRW Communications, LLC; and I specialize in elite travel, luxury private aviation, travel, and all things Cognac. I have also penned world-class editorials for US and Middle Eastern titles such as, Haute Living, Upscale living, Debonair, and Watch 1010. 
Meet Your Instructor
Dellvin Roshon Williams
In this course, I will not only teach you how to pitch and engage top-tier journalists for better media coverage, but how to create high-conversion sales ready copy. And nothing gives me greater joy than using my talents to help you take your messaging to the next level!
Here's to your success!
Sylvain Gaillard
Director, Opera Gallery Dubai
United Arab Emirates
"Dellvin's writing is elegant, composed, unapologetic and, most importantly... researched."
Camille Leger
Director of RM Management, Accor
Greater Paris Region
"Dellvin's program helped me dramatically achieve my writing goals ... I highly recommend his course."
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Deliver a New Kind of Information That Massively Boosts Your Visibility and Online Reputation... in the Age of Google.

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Writing for PR & Social Media
This course is for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Managers looking to optimize their outreach and maximize exposure in the age of Google.
  • 3 Hours of Video Content 
  • One-to-one Coaching
  • Access to the "Perfect Your Media Pitch" Mini-Workshop
  • Media Outreach Toolkit + Workbook
Join DRW Founder Dellvin Roshon Williams as he shares the secrets of higher-level media writing, from news and features to press releases and social media, through the art of brand storytelling.  
What You Get:
Course Begins November 10, 2021.
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Copyright 2021
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